Since 1880, TSTA has been involved in historical legislation that affected public schools and teachers in Texas.  No major education legislation has passed or failed without the approval or rejection of the Texas State Teachers Association. The Pflugerville Educators Association is your Union and proud local affiliate of TSTA/NEA. 


Professional pay for educators and support staff in Texas needs to be placed as a premium if we want to maintain a quality workforce in Pflugerville, ISD. It is all too common in Texas for those in positions of power to offer lip service, to say they support public education but then seek to undermine the salaries and benefits of public school employees. Placing value on education means placing value on educators. 


When pay raises are based on student test scores, you’re only measuring a narrow piece of the teacher’s work. In addition, such plans can pit employee against employee, especially when there’s a quota for merit increases. What happens to teachers who do not teach tested subjects? How are they rewarded?  We all must be wary of any system that creates a climate where students are viewed as part of the pay equation, rather than young people who deserve a high quality education that prepares them for their future. It is crucial that all pay plans or policies be negotiated with teachers and developed collaboratively with the Pflugerville Education Association. 


Our children’s education should not be about learning how to fill in the bubbles on standardized tests. It is time to end this toxic testing and implement real accountability in our public education system. We need an accountability system that is centered on our students and their needs, not test scores.  As educators who have dedicated our careers and lives to our students and their success, we will not stand silent while commercial standardized testing is used to reduce our public education system to wreckage.