What We've Achieved

  • Empowered and engaged members
  • Domestic partner insurance benefits 
  • Fair pay for veteran librarians
  • Advocated for pay increase for substitute teachers 
  • Work with campus administrators on working conditions 
  • Active participant in the March for Our Lives Rally 
  • Local grievance wins on working conditions
  • Due process for hourly employees in board policy DCD (Local) 


With over 800 PfEA members, we are the largest and most active local in PfISD.  We actively and publicly advocate for improving salaries, benefits and working conditions for all PfISD employees.  Our Executive Board is the employee voice that regularly schedules meetings with district administration to discuss member, campus and district concerns.  The Executive Board also attends school board meetings and presents to the School Board concerns that impact the PfISD students, community members and employees. 

Educational Support Professionals are "at-will" employees.  PfEA believes that our ESPs deserve a fair procedural process before their employment is terminated.  As an at-will employee many hourly employees felt they did not have job security since they could be terminated at any time for any reason or no reason at all.  In the 2018-2019 school year PfISD will update school board policy DCD (Local) to include a due process procedure aligned with the employee handbook. The adoption of a due process procedure in PfISD board policy shall ensure every administrator or supervisor uniformly uses it with all hourly employees.  

Charter schools are one of the educational trends currently being pushed at the state and national level. PfEA understands the importance of raising awareness in the community and educating parents on the negative impact of charter schools and the impact they have on school funding.  In the 2018-2019 SY, PfEA will focus on building coalitions and partnering with PfISD to continue to educate the parents, community and stakeholders about the harmful effects of charter schools on public education and improve the quality of education for our students.  

President, Cindy Perkins and Vice-President, August Plock have testified before the Senate Committee, advocating for the rights of all educational professionals to include increasing funding for public education, reduction of high stakes testing, vouchers and charter schools, and continued payroll deduction.  With the constant attacks on public education, PfEA believes we must all work together to make positive changes that will improve the quality of our students.  

 Texas State Teachers Association HISTORY

Since 1880, TSTA has been involved in historical legislation that affected public schools and teachers in Texas. TSTA is credited with authoring the minimum foundation laws that set statewide teacher salaries. It authored legislation creating the Teacher Retirement System of Texas. It authored certification laws, and bills to establish maintenance and operation funds for schools. It supported child labor laws, mandatory schooling, civil rights for all, and thousands of other important bills. No major education legislation has passed or failed without the approval or rejection of the Texas State Teachers Association.

In 1974, TSTA formed a new partnership with the National Education Association in Washington D.C. By an all-member vote of 54,992 for and 46,661 against, unification with the NEA was passed.

Get Involved with your TSTA Local

Step 1: Local Power – Join our Pflugerville local affiliate of the Texas State Teachers Association/NEA. It’s the most important decision you can make as an employee in PfISD. Send an email to patym@tsta.org and request a PfEA/TSTA/NEA enrollment form.  

Step 2: Get involved in the movement. Attend a PfEA/TSTA/NEA meeting, become an Associate Representative on your campus/worksite, contact your legislators, serve on a committee, attend a seminar, attend our professional development training or something else. 

Step 3 - Connect with us on social media. We are connected on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you connect and follow us.

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The Texas State Teachers Association will unite, organize and empower public education advocates to shape public education in Texas thus providing a quality public school for every child.


In order to shape public education in Texas, the Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA) will:

  • Be receptive and responsive to the diverse needs of the membership, embracing differences;
  • Be results-oriented, achieving outcomes that have a clear impact on members;
  • Focus on systemic change, rather than on individual change; and
  • Generate sufficient resources to expand association programs and services to meet all organizational needs.

TSTA will maintain an internal culture that values:

  • Open, honest and respectful communication;
  • Organizational and individual change based on data, assessment and evaluation; and
  • Shared accountability, collaboration and teamwork among all stakeholders – members, leaders, management and staff.

Further, TSTA must

  • Focus its resources on organizing; and
  • Recruit and visibly organize within locals that show potential and commitment.